More important than the services we offer is the way we treat your loved one while serving. We are here as a guide, to lift you up, and to give you and your loved ones hope for a comfortable and peaceful time together. Our goal is to facilitate the highest quality of life possible. To do that, we offer multi-levels of care.

The service of hospice allows patients to receive care in the comfort of their own home, or wherever they reside. Our team will regularly assess the patient’s ever changing needs and will make arrangements to ensure the highest level of comfort under our care.

Customized Care

Home Care Services

Home Care is a service provided wherever the patient lives. The Wings of Hope team arrives at your home, to help reduce suffering not only for the patient, but to provide comfort for the family as well. This service allows the patient to feel at home, be at home, and have the personalized service they deserve.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient care is provided at an inpatient hospice facility. Highly skilled teams are provided to achieve the immediate care needs of the patient.

Respite Care

Respite Care is available to provide respite to the caregiver or family of the patient. This period of rest for caregivers is one way we’re able to lift the family up and to provide reprieve during a difficult time.

Continuous Care

Should a medial crisis arise, our staff is here to provide in-home, around-the-clock care. Our skilled nurses nurture a sense of peace and comfort during the crisis time while managing the physical symptoms. At Wings of Hope we encourage you to call us in an emergency so we are able to manage symptoms in the comfort of your home.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a wonderful resource for those those who do not qualify for hospice care but need the Wings of Hope touch. We are able to provide loving care any time during the course of an illness and in conjunction with both treatments and skilled nursing aid.

A Team with Hearts to Serve

It is our honor to serve you and your loved one. Our staff is able to better assist with a lower staff to patient ratio which allows for more frequent visits and enhanced personalized care.

Skilled Nursing

Wings of Hope will provide you with a skilled nurse to coordinate the patient’s care, medication management, careful observation, and any nursing needs. They will be a personalized leverage to the family in the education and care of the loved one, and they will help facilitate a time of comfort and serenity for the family.

Certified Nursing Assistants

This Wings of Hope team member will assist with personal care of your loved one, boosting morale, and aide with light housekeeping. They are provided to ensure your loved one lives, and is treated, with dignity and kindness.

Medical Social Workers

The work of our social worker allows your family to remain focused on the most important thing - time with their loved ones. We are able to alleviate and help navigate through difficult conversations, emotional support for family matters, long term care, living wills, advance directives, and ensuring that the patient’s wishes are seen through.

We are here to alleviate not only the patient but the family as well. Wings of Hope social workers help ensure that each patient is utilizing the many benefits of hospice care providing resources that guide your family with coping through the emotional time.

Bereavement Counseling

Wings of Hope bereavement counseling is comforting to both the patient’s family and the caregivers. We are able to connect you with a community of others on the same journey, we will be with you for those painful dates and anniversaries, and we will continue to provide the emotional support needed in the most peaceful manner.

Wings of Hope will remain part of your family well beyond the care of the patient. Our bereavement team is available to you any time day or night to lift you up. Grieving is a natural human emotion and it is our humble honor to serve you during this painful time.

Spiritual Counselor

Wings of Hope Hospice spiritual care can be provided upon request and is surrounding the select faith community of the patient and their family. We will pray with you by your side, or can help coordinate time for you at your church of choice.

Volunteer Staff

Our vital, dedicated volunteer team provides many resources to envelop you and your loved ones in loving care. They serve with compassion, companionship, emotional support to both the patient and their family. Volunteer services include: patient care, bereavement support, grief education, administrative tasks, special projects, and fundraising.

Additional Services & Benefits

Nutritional Services

Let us take care of ensuring your loved one is provided with optimum nutrition. Menu planning and assistance determining the best type and proper amount of food is one more way we’re able to serve you.


Medications, medical supplies and necessary equipments are another way our professional team provides comprehensive, customized care for the patient.


Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy may be provided as appropriate.

Special Therapy

Additional special therapies such as music, massage, and dog therapy are also available for our patients.

Ready to


Serving as a hospice volunteer with Wings of Hope can challenge you, fill your heart, and enrich your life. Volunteers are an integral part of The Wings of Hope family, bringing comfort to those in need. Complete this form to become a Wings of Hope volunteer.