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Wings of Hope


Wings of Hope was established because of Dr. Angela Katz’s face-to-face encounter with death, her survival, and her deep belief of using the gift of her life to serve others.

In 2010, Angela was told she had cancer and was given only nine months to live. She struggled with how to best face what she thought would be the end of her life. There was so much she wanted to do with the life she had left. Even in the midst of this devastating news,

Angela continued to nurture her family and create beauty around her. She planted fruit trees in her backyard, and baked gorgeously elaborate cakes for friends and family members.

Against all odds, after a dramatic surgery and multiple rounds of chemo, which resulted in a year of blindness, Angela is now cancer free and her vision has returned. She believes her life

is a gift – a gift that inspires her to help those who are sick and in need.

This experience has made Angela uniquely aware of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of hospice patients and their families. She believes that every life has value, every day

is special, and every moment should be cherished. This is why she has created Wings of Hope Hospice.

“Let us be your wings during this difficult time. We are here to bring you hope.”

With love,

Dr. Angela Katz

Dr. Angela Katz
Founder & CEO/CAO

I believe that every day must be special. And I believe that even as this life comes to an end, it can be beautiful. Everyone in this world has a purpose, and my purpose is to take care of people who are sick and in need. That is why I started Wings of Hope Hospice.

Susan Nelson
Director of Clinical Services

As a young nursing student many years ago, one of the first patients that I cared for was an elderly lady who had suffered a severe stroke and was unresponsive with no chance of recovery. My only nursing duties at the time were to provide physical hygiene care, positioning so that she would not get bed sores and maintain subcutaneous hydration which was all basically comfort care as we know it today in providing hospice care. Since I never saw any visitors, my role became one of comforting her by talking and explaining as I performed each task. Our world in that hospital room existed of just the two of us and the feeling of providing unconditional compassion and caring was so right for me at the time. As the years flew by and I did my stints in ICU, CCU, medical/surgical nursing, that feeling of providing simple comfort remained with me. My first real transition into hospice was while working in an AIDS facility in the late 1980s when I was once again in a position to provide unconditional compassion and caring for persons who were dying. It doesn’t matter to me the age or the disease process, all of us deserve to be cared for in the hospice manner at the end of our lives. I have never left hospice nursing as it has been the most rewarding, fulfilling care that I have ever performed.

Stormi Menniti
Director of Clinical Services

I have a passion, a love for I have a passion, a love for our patients and families. Hospice helps me know that at the end of the day, I have made a true difference. our patients and families. Hospice helps me know that at the end of the day, I have made a true difference.

Terry Mills
Spiritual Care Coordinator

I have been in the medical field, in various roles, for thirty years. In that time and with that experience, I have become acutely aware of the need for additional support at end of life. When most of us get busier daily, the dying person's priority list becomes very short. While the world keeps turning, those facing end of life often fall to the end of the line behind the tasks and necessities of every day logistics. My hope is to carry light into the dark places; to address the priorities on that short list; to provide a safe place to share difficult conversations; to provide spiritual support when requested/appropriate. I am honored to be present for those who want companionship on this journey of hope.

Volunteer Coordinator

Hospice is an honor and privilege to train and mentor hospice volunteers as they utilize their gifts while serving our patients and families with respect and dignity. My role is fun yet rewarding, as I have the opportunity to support their efforts during assignments, offering monthly support groups, guest speakers, additional training, and volunteer recognition events.

Our Wings of Hope team all have a heart for serving and share a passion for lifting others up and providing hope. Our full time employees enjoy a generous benefits package and a family oriented working environment.

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