Dr. Angela Katz
Founder & CEO/CAO

I believe that every day must be special. And I believe that even as this life comes to an end, it can be beautiful. Everyone in this world has a purpose, and my purpose is to take care of people who are sick and in need. That is why I started Wings of Hope Hospice.

Dr. Ilya Katz
Clinical Director

As a physician, I was taught that patient care should be disease-centered until I was faced with the terminal illness of my wife. Living through the pain of possible loss, I found a passion for hospice and discovered that patient care must be person and family-centered.

Stormie Menniti, Social Worker, Bereavement Specialist
Stormie Menniti
Medical Social Worker / Bereavement Specialist

I found a passion for hospice years ago and feel honored to be able to help others in their journey at the end of life. My goal is to honor their wishes and be an advocate if they feel that their voice is not being heard.

Greg King
Greg King
Volunteer Coordinator

I have had the privilege of working in Hospice in the Phoenix area for the past 11 years. It is an honor to serve our patients and families throughout our communities with the many volunteer programs that Wings of Hope offers, whether it is as a Volunteer offering companionship and socialization, honoring our Veterans, dog therapy, music therapy, or offering emotional support where it is needed the most.

Debbie Richards,CNA, Supervisor, Supply Manager
Debbie Richards
CNA Supervisor / Supply Manager

Hospice has always had my heart. I have worked in Hospice for almost 16 years and although I have held other jobs, my heart has always been in Hospice care. I came to work for Wings of Hope about a year and a half ago. The first day I met Dr. Angela I knew this was the place I wanted to be. Her compassion and drive for patient care was so strong and I felt we shared the same goal, that goal is providing outstanding patient care with compassion, respect and dignity. I hope to continue this journey in Hospice as long as I am able to do so.

Paul Fredericks, Chaplain
Paul Fredericks
Spiritual Care Coordinator

I've been called to ministry since 1986.  Over those 33 years, I have experienced both large and small churches as a paid staff and non-paid staff.  But my eyes were opened in 2002 when I began my journey in hospice care as a chaplain. Since then, attending to the spiritual care of patients, families, and staff has opened my eyes to a ministry that has changed me forever. As much as I attempt to give to these folks, the more they give back to me.  They teach me, "there are no bad days" and "be in the moment." I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve, not only as a chaplain, but to serve on a hospice team which models the selflessness and love of my God.  To seek the interests of others -  a patient, a family member, or staff member - is the highest calling any human can achieve, and all the while, experience a lasting joy I will take to the end of days. 

Kim Davis, RNCM
Kim Davis

I am a hospice nurse because I want to  be s steward for patients and families in the most difficult time of their lives. It is an honor to help people discover their power at the end of their lives and to die with dignity.

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The CNAs
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Our Wings of Hope team all have a heart for serving and share a passion for lifting others up and providing hope. Our full time employees enjoy a generous benefits package and a family oriented working environment.