Wings of Hope Foundation

At Wings of Hope, we believe in the fundamental right to access end of life care for all individuals regardless of ability to pay for services or materials that will impact quality of life, which is why we are proud to have established the Wings of Hope Foundation. The mission of our non-profit foundation is to demonstrate compassionate care to those in need by improving environmental, spiritual, social and medical well-being.

We advocate for the underserved population and families that are denied access to palliative services and end of life care due to being underinsured, uninsured, or not eligible for other paid healthcare services or goods, by providing financial support for unmet needs and goods at end of life, developing outreach programs, participating in public speaking & community education events that promote and support hospice and palliative care, and by providing families relief with the costs associated with funeral services.The Wings of Hope foundation is only possible through donation support. Your tax-deductible donation is an opportunity to make a powerful impact in someone’s life at time they need it most.