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Hospice Volunteers often fill the gaps between a patient’s loved one and professional caregivers. Our Hospice Volunteers provide companionship, socialization and emotional support. While Volunteers usually visit patients at a scheduled time, they are also flexible as a patient’s needs or desires change.

Wings of Hope Hospice Volunteers have several ways to give time, including:

Direct Patient Volunteers

These Volunteers will visit patients where they live. Patient visits will provide companionship and support. For example, a volunteer may read to the patient, assist with letter writing, or perform other tasks to support the patient.

Gift of Presence Program

The Gift of Presence Program helps to ensure that no patient is alone by being present at the end of life’s journey. These specially trained Volunteers will be at the patient’s bedside with the patient and/or family at the time of death to provide comfort and support.

Vet-to-Vet Volunteers

This program aims to pair Veteran volunteers with Hospice patients who also have military experience. These Volunteers have the unique ability to relate and connect with Veteran patients and their families.

Administrative Support Volunteer

These Volunteers provide administrative support in the office. These duties may include filing, mailings, answering phones and special projects.

Ready to Volunteer?

Serving as a hospice volunteer with Wings of Hope can challenge you, fill your heart, and enrich your life. Volunteers are an integral part of The Wings of Hope family, bringing comfort to those in need.


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