Pain Management and Palliative Care

For patients with serious illnesses, pain can be a debilitating and overwhelming part of any day. In fact, many patients spend the bulk of their day trying to fend off the pain they are feeling. Traditional treatment facilities often limit patient options when it comes to pain management, only treating the illness itself, but not providing relief from the pain in the mean time. That’s where palliative care comes in.

Palliative Care and Pain

Palliative care facilities take a very direct approach in help the patient live the most comfortable and enjoyable life they can live. Instead of focusing on the illness itself as the only treatment necessary, palliative care teams know that the resulting pain needs to be dealt with if the patient wants to keep their spirits up. Failing to treat the chronic pain can lead to patients becoming depressed, anxious and even unable to manage simple tasks.

It’s All About the Patient

When it comes to palliative care and pain, the care team will gather as much information as possible about the type of pain the patient is feeling and where it is located. They will use this information to determine a course of action and any medications that may be necessary. Next, they will monitor the patient for any improvements or side effects that may occur. If further adjustments need to be made, they will do so as necessary until the patient is as comfortable as possible. Palliative care teams typically have access to stronger medications, and more freedom in how those treatments are used if a patient is experiencing severe pain.

More Patient Confidence

Strangely, many patients have gotten so used to their illness that they believe pain is just a natural part of their existence. Palliative care teams hope to debunk this myth and offer real solutions to patients who are suffering. Any patient who is experiencing pain should feel confident asking for help to take the edge off and feel comfortable in their own body once more.

Palliative care and pain go hand in hand. By giving patients the ability to speak up about what they are feeling, care teams can address unnecessary pain right away and help patients make the most of their time in treatment. This can also reduce stress on the patient and extend their life. Wings of Hope is always happy to help patients in need. Contact us today to speak with one of our care specialists and learn more about what we do.

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