What to Expect from Inpatient Hospice

At-home hospice care is increasingly the norm — and, for many families, the preference — for comfort care and symptom management. However, for some patients, inpatient hospice care may be necessary or even preferable. As you evaluate hospice care options for yourself or a loved one, understanding what to expect from inpatient hospice care will make it easier to determine whether it is the appropriate option for your family.

Choosing Inpatient Hospice

While hospice care is often provided to patients in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, some families prefer that their loved one receive care in an inpatient hospice facility. Furthermore, some patients may have acute or complex symptom management needs that necessitate inpatient hospice care. If pain or other physical symptoms intensify beyond the level of care that can be reasonably provided at home, short-term inpatient treatment may be necessary to stabilize your loved one’s symptoms. This will be done through more intensive treatment and closer monitoring by caregivers. Inpatient care may also be helpful in handling psychological distress that may be challenging to manage in a home care setting.

Inpatient hospice care may be necessary for a short period of time if your loved one undertakes a minor inpatient procedure that provides symptom relief, or if their medication regimen changes in a way that requires closer monitoring. A brief period of inpatient care during these times ensures that your loved one’s symptoms are stable and manageable before they return to the comfort of their home.

While inpatient hospice care takes shape in a different setting than your home, the philosophy of care will remain the same. Your care team will still center the comfort and symptom management needs of your loved one and your family above all else.

The Inpatient Hospice Care Experience

Many families associate inpatient medical care with the hustle and bustle of a hospital wing. However, inpatient hospice care teams center a holistic approach to their patients’ care needs and create a soothing environment regardless of location. They will not only provide symptom management for your loved one, but will also take time to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Whether your inpatient experience is a matter of preference or necessity, your team of hospice care specialists will create a welcoming environment that offers privacy and comfort for your loved one during this difficult time. Inpatient hospice care specialists understand that in-home treatment is many families’ first choice for comfort care for their loved one. In many cases, inpatient hospice care lasts for the shortest period of time required to ensure symptoms are appropriately managed, after which your loved one will be able to return to in-home care.

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